HONOLULU Family Easter Craft: Make Shaving or Whipped Cream Eggs

Make marble eggs with just two ingredients and seven messy but fun steps.
Shaving or Whipped Cream Eggs
Photo: Janelle Kalawe-Ching


Do your kids love making a mess? If so, they are sure to love this unconventional way to color Easter eggs using shaving or whipped cream and food coloring.


  • Shaving or whipped cream
  • Gel food coloring
  • Hard boiled eggs (white works best)
  • Plate
  • Spoons
  • Paper towels


Photo: Janelle Kalawe-Ching



  1. Hard boil the eggs and let them cool.
  2. Let your child squirt shaving or whipped cream onto a plate.
  3. Have your child drizzle a couple of colors of gel food coloring onto the cream.
  4. They can spread the colors slightly by dragging a spoon through the cream. Not too much, though, or the colors will blend. You want the colors to be separate.
  5. Now for the fun part. Have your child roll the egg through the cream.
  6. Let the egg sit in the mixture for several minutes. We had ours sit for about 15 minutes. The color will set on the egg.
  7. Wipe the egg clean.


Photo: Janelle Kalawe-Ching



  • If you are worried the shaving cream will affect the taste or safety of the egg, use the whipped cream.
  • Some food coloring can stain so consider having your child wear an apron or smock and gloves.
  • Most of our chicken lay brown eggs so we are always looking for fun ways to color them. This one did not work well on the darker eggs. Luckily we have a few chickens that lay blue eggs!


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