Halloween Crafts for Honolulu Families: Make a Muslin Mummy

Strike a spooky pose with a mummy you can wrap up in just four steps.


Photo: David Croxford


You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf? How about Ghost on a Post? Just kidding. This little guy has no back story and he does not need to move around to make mischief, unless he, and you, really want it to happen. He’s just an easy, poseable craft your little one might enjoy making and playing with.



  • Flexible garden tie or flexible wire. We found Green Garden Flexible Tie at Walmart and on amazon.com.
  • ½ yard muslin
  • Wire clippers



  1. Use the wire cutters to clip about four feet of flexible wire.
  2. Bend the wire into the shape of a stick figure. We made a small loop for each of the feet and hands and wound the wire into a ball shape for the head.
  3. Tear muslin into ½-inch strips. Start wrapping the mummy at the head, wrapping the cloth over the end. When one strip runs out, just wrap the next over it.
  4. Once the wire is covered, tuck the end into the wrapping or you can secure it with hot glue. Pose it and display it.
  5. We also tried using cotton gauze. Cutting the strips was messier work, but the gauze hid mistakes while wrapping and resulted in a puffier mummy.


Thanks to cfabbridesigns.com for the idea!



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