Mad Skills

Lei ChicDVR programmed? Check.
Couch cushions plumped? Check.
Remote handy? Check.
Ingredients for vodka gimlets and old fashioneds chilling? Double check.

You’re all set for this Sunday’s Mad Men premiere, except for one thing—your outfit is decidedly too modern. What you need is the perfect vintage-style apron, like the one Betty Draper rocks throughout the series. Sounds like a job for your inner domestic goddess.

For a few tips, we turned to vintage material maven Micah Iaukea, the gal behind CLOTH, our favorite online vintage boutique. Between creating fabulous reconstructed vintage fashions and planning her next popCLOTH pop-up boutique event, she found a sec to share these easy instructions for creating a fun, flirty apron. How cool is that? Sew cool.

You’ll need: 1 yard of fabric, 1 ¼ yards of trim, scissors, a ruler, an iron and a ‘Spaghetti Strap’ tool (available at your local fabric store).

Lei Chic
Step 1: Cut the Pattern
To build the apron base, begin by marking the following measurements: A 16-inch-wide waistline and a 20-inch-wide hemline. The whole apron should be 15 inches long. Be sure to round the bottom edges to your desired preference prior to cutting. Measure and cut the waistband 3 inches wide by 60 inches long.

Lei Chic

Step 2: Cut Out the Pockets
Click here to print out the pocket pattern to use as a template for the pockets. Cut out four of them (two per pocket).

Lei Chic
Step 3: Assemble the Pockets
For each pocket, pin and sew two pieces with the right side of the fabric together. Start stitching where the arrow is on the template and end at the star, leaving a small gap so you can turn it right side out. Inserting your spaghetti strap tool through the gap, grab the opposite side and pull the pocket right side out. Iron it flat and sew the gap closed. Make a knot with the two ends.

Lei ChicStep 4: Build the Body
Stitch the trim to the apron base along the open edges with the right sides together. Once complete, iron flat and top-stitch the trim in place. To assemble the waistband, fold it in half lengthwise and sew both ends closed, leaving a 20 inch opening in the middle. Using your spaghetti strap tool, hook and pull each end out and iron flat. Insert the apron body into the waistband opening and sew closed. Lastly, pin the pockets in the desired location and sew in place.

Find unique vintage fashions and reconstructed vintage pieces from CLOTH here or at the next popCLOTH pop-up boutique event on August 9th at The Honolulu Design Center.