M33Ms jewelry to debut at Fishcake

Statement Maker

M33Ms Split Crystal Pendant

Planking. Harlem Shake. Te‘oing.

  M33Ms Triple Rivet Ring
All photos by Emiko Miyazawa.

Sure, Internet memes are fun, but you'd rather follow something with a little more staying power. Time to meet your newest obsession: M33Ms jewelry, launching tonight at Fishcake.

There are no online references here; instead, designer Emiko Miyazawa takes inspiration from raw shapes and lines to create unique sterling silver pieces with artful elegance and versatility. (M33Ms is a combinaton of her nickname and favorite number.)

Fall for a Split Crystal Pendant that channels a closely guarded secret, swinging open to reveal a tiny embedded diamond and logo, or, for $5 per letter, your own stamped initials. Marvel over the idea that a Triple Rivet Ring, shown right, can also be worn as a knuckle duster.

The 27-year-old sands, solders and welds everything herself – a reflection of her experience as an assistant jewelry designer in Los Angeles and her internship with locally based custom fine jewelry designer Jason Dow.

So forget fleeting fads. Miyazawa's debut collection leaves a lasting impression with designs like the Tribangle, a delicate, round bangle fused with triple-edged sections, hexagonal pendants set with soft green chrysophrase cabochons, and studs that connect double-pierced ears. Think classic, everyday pieces with unexpected twists.

McKayla Maroney would be impressed.

M33Ms jewelry is available at Fishcake, 307C Kamani St., and online. Pieces range from $25-$500.