Lust for Kicks

Lei Chic You thought your boyfriend's addiction to sneakers was cute. Until he wore them to your best friend's wedding.

Now, when it comes to his kicks, you're not so pumped.

Have him try these on for size: AR SRPLS X Converse, a brand-new collaboration between Aloha Rag and Converse, available now… well, sort of.

Leave it to Aloha Rag to kick casual footwear into high gear by offering two different silhouettes with luxe details. These shoes are the latest addition to the store's newest in-house menswear label, AR SRPLS, a stylish lineup of basics that includes shirts, cargo pants and tailored blazers with vintage and military influences.

We suspect both you and your man will jump for Pro Leather, a classic athletic shoe finished in lustrous white cowhide and suede, with camouflage detail on the heel and collar, and a star pattern laser etched on one side. Its sleek gum sole features a yellow tag similar to those found in '60s era standard issue military uniforms.

Lei Chic If you're willing to wait, the collection's Auckland Racer drops in December; a brick red goat leather running shoe with heavy-duty nylon canvas panels, leather tag and lining, laser-etched footbed and sponge sole.

Either way, he'll always have his best foot forward.

And you won't have to give him the boot.

$160, AR SRPLS X Converse, Pro Leather available now, Auckland Racer available for pre-order with December delivery. Aloha Rag, 1221 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 115. For more information, call (808) 589-2050 or click here.