Lucky Star

Back in the day looking like your friends was in. Like how you all wore fishhook anklets, you and your BFF had tiny (and illegal) matching tattoos, and even your frenemies sported similar Swatches. These days, though, being matchy-matchy is a fashion faux pas (except maybe if you’re twins, and even then you better be the Doublemint kind).

But you can all get away with wearing Lulu Leilani’s fun, flirty and delicate chain necklaces, made by local girl and college senior Alyssa Kojima.

What started out as a cute gift idea turned into a genuine business www.leichic.comafter creating her first heart-shaped necklaces with Mu‘umu‘u Heaven owner Deb Mascia last summer. Now Kojima has expanded to include circles and stars (and double chain bracelets too), offering them in gold or silver, small or large shapes, and 16-inch or 18-inch chains.

Since Alyssa hand-pounds each design, every necklace has one of a kind character – no two hearts, for instance, have exactly the same silhouette – and all are simple classics that can be worn alone or layered for double your pleasure.

Which means all of you can buy the same pieces, and wear them in different configurations.

And everyone will still be able to tell you apart.

Available at Mu‘umu‘u Heaven , or direct from Lulu Leilani via email: