Luck of the Draw 

Back in high school, your best subjects were daydreaming and doodling – aside from lunch, of course. Sounds like the resume of a Most Unlikely to Succeed ballot winner.

But not in the case of local girl Christy Chung, whose free-form line drawings developed into her ccdoodle collection of tees, tanks and dresses.


The garments themselves couldn’t be simpler – soft cotton, solid colors – but they work as a canvas for her graphic sketches. Each one-of-a-kind piece feels like a page torn from an artist’s sketchbook, with a unique drawing that Chung pens by hand before silkscreening it onto the fabric.

So even though your lazy scribbles didn’t make the grade, now you can rock Chung’s playful feather, floral and spiral prints like you’re the head of the class.

Now that’s really using your doodle.

View the ccdoodle collection online at