Love At First Bite

Lei Chic
You've been seeing a lot of new types—and enjoying all the lunches and dinners.

But juggling so many crushes—well maybe you've bitten off more than you can chew. That hip downtown dish left you full of regret. And then there was the gorgeous Italian that ended up being a total cheeseball.

The exception? The latest addition to the Hank’s Haute Dogs’ menu—delectable deep dish personal pan pizzas inspired by owner Hank Adaniya’s insatiable desire for his Chicago-style favorites—a near impossible find on an island overrun with red roofs.  

Available on Wednesdays only, the mouthwatering miniatures are four-and-a-half inches across by a whopping three inches deep and come in two equally tempting varieties—a delicious plain cheese, stuffed to the brim with a quarter pound of gooey mozzarella, and a savory Za, topped with hand-formed Italian sausage made in-house. 

The ingredients are fairly basic—fresh tomato sauce, flat leaf parsley, anise seeds and fennel—but are combined at just the right ratio to ensure that each small round has the same texture and flavor as a full. Plus, it’s the pies’ amazing crust that really steals the show. The Hank’s crew makes theirs with extra corn meal for the perfect crispness and crunch.  

And since nothing hits the oven 'till you place your order, you’ll never end up with a mushy, heater-warmed meal.  

A steady date with a scrumptious, oh-so-satisfying little pizza pie?
Now that’s amore.  

Hank’s Haute Dogs deep dish pizzas are available on Wednesdays at the Kaka'ako location only. 324 Coral St., 808.532.4265. For more info, visit