Lost and Found


Not so long ago you’d regularly scour Savers for funky clothes and old charms to create an eclectic, inimitable look (it was also cheap). But as you grew up (and got a steady paycheck) something changed, and although your wardrobe and accessories remained original, they were all new.

But new isn’t necessary anymore – according to Melisa Medalle, founder and designer of Meesah jewelry.

Handcrafted with found, recycled and vintage materials, each Meesah piece is a one-of-a-kind, environment-friendly accessory constructed right here on O‘ahu.

www.leichic.comHer line debuts with three playful collections: “Ligaia” deconstructs and thoughtfully transforms found elements like gold, hemp, shells, and wood. Chunky and funky “Lavern” pairs Lucite beads mainly from the ‘60s and ‘70s with metals for a bold, fearless look. And “Nani Aho” shuns convention and definition, repurposing simple, everyday objects like fishhooks and recycled spear fishing line, creating an industrial aesthetic.

By recapturing the past and redefining new today, Melisa hopes to get everyone rethinking how they live and impact the earth, even if they don’t buy anything.

But if you get yours before Meesah hits local boutiques in www.leichic.comSeptember, when the compliments start pouring in on your “new” jewels, you can coyly reply:

What—this old thing?

Meesah is available at the Rock Shop event at thirtyninehotel, 39 Hotel Street, Chinatown, August 30 12 to 4 p.m., and by appointment. Email Melisa at info@meesah.com or call 510.209.1051.