Look Inside: Luxurious Black Point home for sale

Photos: Courtesy Sachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties


Walk through the green patina double doors into The Crest, a five-bedroom, four-bathroom oceanfront property on Black Point Place, and you’ll find a vintage home meticulously designed, inside and out.

The original owner, Sai Chow Doo, had Earl Nisbet design the home in 1958, and it was completed the following year. Nisbet was an associate of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the architect who brought Wright’s organic living aesthetic to life.

Sachi Braden, president and principal broker Sachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties, says the Sais hosted regular card games in their home. A frequent guest was James Michener. “He would ask a lot of questions about the Islands for his research [for the book, Hawaii],” says Braden. “They would say, you’re here to play cards!”

The three-story home retains its original, coral mason walls (inside and outside) and teak walls, closets and shelves. Even better, there are several hidden closets throughout the house. Just press a wall, and voila! Storage space!

Look closely and you’ll notice a handcarved, square pattern embellishing the wood drawers and bookshelves. They represent the Koolau Mountains, says Braden. The mountains also inspired the home’s name: The Crest.

The bedrooms in this home are on the smaller side—this is no McMansion—but you don’t ever feel cramped, and, with built in storage, space is well utilized.

Every room has a view of the ocean, and natural light enhances each area. The tradewinds make it cool, too, so there’s no need for central air.

The kitchen features its original stainless steel sink and stove, as well as several integrated cabinets.

Walk down the shallow concrete stairs—stained to match the green patina doors and accents—and the living room lanai beckons you. (For chilly days, the living room also has a working fireplace.) This is the most impressive part of the house. The expansive lanai extends beyond the sea wall, offering a 180-degree view of the ocean. You’ll want to spend all your time out here. Braden says new city ordinances don’t allow for homes to be built so close to the water, or have an overhanging lanai such as this.

A rec room and a small kitchenette are on the third level, both of which lead directly to a terrace, where Braden says there was once a koi pond. The house is older, so there are some necessary repairs needed to its roof, as well as some small repairs inside. But, Braden says, “It’s a diamond that just needs some polishing.”

Money Talk: $4.8 million Fee Simple
Contact: Sachi Braden, principal broker Sachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties, 596-8801
MLS: 201334733
Repairs estimated cost: $300,000 to $500,000.