What a Year

HONOLULU is working to strengthen its digital wherewithal amid turbulence in the media industry.

When I recently told a friend how hectic 2022 was, he said it’s like that for everyone. Every year. Everyone is on a roller coaster, he said. We think our ride makes sharper turns or goes higher and lower, but it’s just perception.


So with this lens, I’m reflecting on the past months differently, focusing on what I’ve humbly learned and recognizing the value of a year of movement and change.


Honolulu Magazine Staff

Photo: Chuck Tindle


On the work front, our HONOLULU team continues to become stronger digitally, while simultaneously producing 10 issues of the print magazine a year. This has meant adding tasks to already full plates of responsibilities to continuously create content on various platforms. Our editorial and art teams have come up with creative new ways to showcase stories both in print and online, and are now shooting and editing Instagram Reels. We’ve also delved deeper into discussions about SEO, back-end WordPress development, data and overall digital strategy.


We love telling or sharing stories that inform, inspire, surprise and have an impact.


With Scott Schumaker’s impending retirement, we also have a new publisher, Donna Kodama-Yee, a two-decade veteran with HONOLULU, who in Scott’s own words “has been both the heart and soul of the magazine” with a deep understanding of both publishing and Hawai‘i’s culture. Donna is wonderful to work with, and there’s no one more deserving than her to lead HONOLULU in this capacity.


It’s not an easy time to take the reins. The media industry is like a tornado, twisting and moving in unpredictable ways. For brands rooted in print products, like magazines, it’s even more tumultuous. But what draws journalists and others to it, at
HONOLULU too, is a desire to communicate. We love telling or sharing stories that inform, inspire, surprise and have an impact. This core goal hasn’t changed, but the platforms and preferences of our readers have, so we’re continuing to explore ways to carry on a meaningful conversation.


It is a privilege to be in this line of work. On tough, exhausting days, it’s sometimes easy to forget that. But there’s a reason why amid all the challenges, we are still reporting and writing stories, shooting photos, creating graphics, posting on social media every day, as well as organizing events and marketing our brands.


We want to connect.


So as we look to this new year, we as a team want to sincerely thank you, especially our longtime print readers, for trusting us to be your guide to our beloved city. It’s our pleasure to serve in this manner, and we look forward to a year of engaging conversation and connection.