Local artist on display in Barrio Vintage

State of the Art

Lei Chic

But, soft! What sight through yonder window breaks?

Tis the newest art exhibit cast upon thy walls of Barrio Vintage by emerging Windward Oahu artist Julia Currier.

There's absolutely no warring of households here. Instead, the 25-year-old marries soft, subtle strokes of acrylic paint with precise, almost paisley-like patterns of permanent marker to depict the perfect romance of Hawaii's landscapes and whimsical sea creatures.

The play begins as soon as you step inside the cozy Chinatown shop.

  Lei Chic

Behold the bold lines and saturated colors of a humpback whale drifting peacefully below a wary scuba diver. Cast your gaze upon the intricate detail of a sea turtle as it wanders along a beach. And declare true love for a lush tropical hideaway overlooking a tranquil ocean.

To avoid a tragic ending, you might even want to take a piece home with you.

Because parting will indeed be sweet sorrow.

For never was there more delightful a show, than this of Julia and her Barrio.

$55-$300. Currier's work is on display at Barrio Vintage, 1160 Nuuanu Ave., through the month of November. Meet Currier tonight during First Friday from 7-9:30 p.m.