Local artist on display at Town restaurant

Paint the Town

Lei Chic

Fast forward a few hours. It's Friday night and you're on a date. The ambiance: romantic. The food: amazing. The guy: ehh… not so hot.

Okay, so that may or may not be true. But this is your last-ditch effort to find a guy before Valentine's Day and, well, the night could go either way.

Our suggestion? Take him to Town (and we mean that literally). From now through mid-March, the Kaimuki restaurant is hosting an art show by local artist Lauren Roth – her first solo show in over a year – and more than a dozen paintings are currently on display. Use this to your advantage, no matter how the night goes.

Lei Chic

Scenario #1: Impress him by dropping insightful comments over dinner, like "This theme of nature and wildlife was inspired by the breathtaking view from Roth's Enchanted Lake studio." Pause by either of the mixed media paintings flanking the entrance (shown above) and murmur, "Dried flowers on a Kailua sidewalk, freshly fallen from a nearby tree. Notice her deft use of linework; layering of watercolor, pencil and paint markers, how the raw edges of decorative paper add subtle texture to the piece." Seal the deal with, "It's amazing what a little negative space can do."

Lei Chic

Scenario #2: You need to fill the silence. Challenge your date to see how many pieces you can spot from your seat, like the four square canvases along the wall depicting the seasons Roth grew up with as a New Jersey native. Tack on bonus points for catching the jellyfish behind the bar or the pink flamingo by the kitchen. Loser treats the winner to an all-local Ernesto cocktail with rosemary syrup.

Scenario #3: The evening's a total dud. If all else fails, pass the time by admiring the vivid colors of Roth's oceanscape (above right), created entirely with paint markers on a narrow cedar plank.

And be grateful you have something nice to look at.

Artwork will be on display at Town, 3435 Waialae Ave., through March 17. Meet Roth at a grand opening reception next Friday, February 8, from 10 p.m.-midnight with light pupu and a no-host bar. For more information on Roth or to purchase a painting, click here.