Local Artist Creates Earthy Ceramic Pieces Inspired by Hawai‘i’s Beautiful Landscape

There’s something downright serene about these earthy little pieces.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down. Your kitchen aesthetic’s a mess. We get it. There’s no need to start throwing things.


That’s because Texas-born, Maui-based Megan Gould has already done it for you—on the potters table, that is—and her ceramic creations are just what your kitchen ordered. Gould, who studied art and environmental studies in the Pacific Northwest, has always felt a connection to the Islands, where her father was from. A maker at heart, she started her brand, Seeds & Stone, a year ago as a platform to shape, glaze, fire and sell creations such as pinch pots, cups, plates and bowls, and even non-ceramic works, including everything from wooden spoons to homemade paper. And now, these works of art and love are available in the new Nordstrom.


The minutiae of the Seeds & Stone aesthetic changes with Gould’s whims, but her passion for simple, natural shapes and textures (like smooth seeds and round stones, get it?) remains a constant, with clean lines and beautifully straightforward shapes. Gould also takes a deep, spiritual approach to her work, drawing parallels between earth and clay, as well as determining her own place and roots within that exchange.


The Nordstrom collection is a serene mix of matte black and white pieces, with shocks of punchy, deep turquoise glazing, gently sloping lines, organic shapes and rustic cork stoppers. Select the Scandi-esque kitchen set of your dreams, with rough-edged platters and dinner plates, understated bud vases (what greenery or floral piece wouldn’t pop in these gems?) and squat little jars with an earthenware feel that hearkens back to a simpler, quieter world—one in which folks craft their own vessels, bake their own bread and grow their own food. (Yes, all things Gould does.)


Quit the tossing and turning. This kitchen crisis is officially solved.

$15–$95, Nordstrom, Ala Moana Center. Visit seedsandstone.com for more information on the brand.