Little Fish Hawaii's handmade chalkboard signs

Notes to Shelf

Little Fish Hawaii

Chalk it up to bad genes, but you can't remember anything unless you write it down. Meetings with clients. Baby showers. Birthdays (thank God for Facebook).

Too bad you also can never remember where you put those Post Its…

Pencil in some quality time with Little Fish Hawaii. Randi How's adorable freestanding chalkboard signs hit all the right notes: playful shapes, vibrant patterns and colors, and embellished clothespin stands that keep signs upright while storing photos, lists, or business cards.

For the record, the Ewa Beach mom creates each one herself, from sketching out stencils to cutting and sanding wood, and decorates them with a unique mix of paint, rhinestones and paper.

Little Fish Hawaii Browse her Etsy shop for ready-made signs, think neon pink chevron or electric blue stripes with leopard-patterned accents, or order a custom one (hint: a Birkin-shaped board will never go out of style). Either way, you won't be able to write off reminders when they look so incredibly chic perched on your desk or dresser; although, thanks to chalk and chalkboard markers, you can eventually erase them.

How's smaller boards are also great for dressing up buffet tables or as fun place settings and party favors.

For souvenirs as memorable as your soiree.

$9-$17 each with free delivery from Manoa to Ewa Beach on Oahu, available on Etsy. Keiki-themed chalkboards are sold at Baby Awearness in Manoa Marketplace. For custom orders, email