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Cecile Sebastian-Nobuhara

Cecile Sebastian, D.D.S.
1003 Bishop St., Suite 340, Honolulu, 96819
(808) 537-2880
Category: General Dentistry

Our office is honored to be included in HONOLULU Magazine’s Best Dentists in Hawai‘i for the 14th year. We are conveniently located in a state-of-art dental office in downtown Honolulu. Taking a holistic approach, our team enjoys getting to know our patients and listening to their concerns to provide them with many treatment options.


Digital technological advancements have been evolving, and our office has acquired many, resulting in more precise, predictable and pain-free or less painful procedures. A valuable addition is a CT scanner to assist in planning and executing minimally invasive implant surgeries. We also use digital X-rays that emit 80% less radiation than traditional X-rays. This allows us to find cavities earlier, resulting in smaller fillings and preservation of healthy tooth structure. Intra-oral scanners combined with CAD/CAM technology can now be used to fabricate porcelain teeth or fillings in one appointment. The scanners are also used to take digital impressions instead of using traditional materials that can be very uncomfortable and messy for patients.


The Tek-Scan is a new and powerful tool for digital bite analysis. After putting new crowns or fillings, dentists check patients’ bites with blue paper or ask patients how their bites feel. With the Tek-Scan, the computer analyzes exactly where patients are biting down harder, so there is no guessing when adjusting bites.


The information gathered from the Tek-Scan is also combined with our BioPak Electromyography to analyze and treat many muscular dental problems such as TMJ, resulting from severely worn-down or broken teeth, missing teeth, and other problems. This dual technology has greatly improved our patients’ bites, resulting in less tension in their facial muscles, decreased headaches and TMJ complaints and more comfort.


Technology can certainly make our work very satisfying. But the real secret to our success is our team, which is made up of the most caring, knowledgeable and hardworking individuals who truly enjoy working together towards a common goal: healthier, more beautiful smiles for everyone!


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