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Scott S. Masunaga

Scott S. Masunaga
1010 S. King St., Suite 101, Honolulu, 96814
(808) 597-1553
Category: Orthodontics

“I have the best job in the world!” proclaims Dr. Scott Masunaga about his passion for orthodontics: Creating a dynamic, esthetic smile along with a balanced and enduring dental bite for all of his patients. 


“Achieving excellent orthodontic results challenges orthodontists to draw on their skill and training to change a patient’s ‘phenotype’ (an individual’s observable, genetically influenced appearance), and especially those of adolescent children, to shape their jaws and teeth into cosmetically pleasing facial features and smiles as they mature. 


“A skilled orthodontist achieves ‘growth shaping’ by making scientifically based decisions in prescribing the proper treatment, but whose true quality takes decades to evaluate. A continuous accumulation of orthodontic techniques and knowledge are therefore necessary to attain outstanding and effective lifelong results.” 


He was inspired and mentored by his father, Dr. Glenn Masunaga, one of Hawaii’s first licensed orthodontists, who named his practice, “Orthodontic Arts,” in recognition of this relationship of science and art. Dr. Scott thanks his peers for recognizing his unwavering commitment to providing outstanding orthodontic treatment.


Honored as a top dentist: 20222021202020192018201720162015