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M. Pierre Pang

Pacific Eye Surgery Center, 2055 N. King St., Suite 100, Aiea, HI 96819
(808) 533-7400
Specialty: Ophthalmology
Special Expertise: Retina/Vitreous Surgery

Dr. Pierre Pang, Pacific Eye Surgery Center

The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges to our healthcare system in decades. Dr. Pang and the Pacific Eye Surgery Center were forced to use telemedicine to evaluate urgent and emergent cases. In many instances, he felt this method of patient care to be cumbersome and inadequate to treat patients. However, with so many people being infected and dying, he could not risk face to face patient contact which could possibly infect other patients and staff. When the Covid vaccines came out, Dr Pang and his office staff took the vaccines immediately to help prevent the spread of infection to patients, families, and the community.


At this time, Dr Pang and his staff have returned to their standard of care when seeing patients. While they still adhere to CDC guidelines by masking up and maintaining social distancing, Dr Pang and the doctors at Pacific Eye Surgery Center now see all urgent and emergent eye cases in their offices in Kalihi and Waipahu. Occasionally Dr Pang will see patients in the emergency rooms for severe cases which may require admission. He makes himself available for his patients 24/7 every day. Dr Pang remains passionate about providing the best eye care possible for his patients and continues to provide easy access to eye care for the people of Hawaii. Patients affl icted with diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, pterygiums, and general eye diseases are seen and treated every day.


Recently, Dr Pang was approached by U.S.Renal to help them provide dialysis care for patients with renal failure. U.S.Renal wanted to establish a dialysis center in the Kalihi Medical Building to help serve the 59,000 covered lives in Kalihi. In this neighborhood, there are many patients with diabetes who are on dialysis. There are currently no dialysis centers in this central part of Kalihi. At the request of U.S.Renal, Dr. Pang has decided to move his Kalihi office to St Francis Health Care and allow U.S.Renal to build a new dialysis center to treat patients afflicted with renal failure in this community. Beginning August 2021, Dr. Pang and the Pacific Eye Surgery Center will be located on the campus of St. Francis Health Hawaii. They will offer the same kind of excellent eye care they are accustomed to delivering to their patients.


Pacific Eye Surgery Center