Liquid Assets 

The good news: your tax return is (finally!) signed, sealed, and in the mail.

The bad news: there’s no fat IRS refund check coming your way.

So just say no to taxation without intoxication, and head to the hands-on cocktail mixing class tonight at Pearl Ultralounge.

You’ll nosh on pupus and get one-on-one assistance as you concoct — and sip, of course — some of their best-selling drinks. You can try your hand at muddling mint leaves for the Pineapple Mojito, and decide whether the Apple Martini tastes better shaken or stirred.

Plus, you’ll get to take home the recipes, and all your new knowledge about spirits, glassware and other bar basics.

It’s one investment with guaranteed appreciation.

Cocktail mixing class, $20 per person, 6 p.m. tonight at Pearl Ultralounge, Ala Moana Center. For reservations, call 808.944.8000.