Lil Coconut Hawai‘i’s New Journey and Wisdom Collection

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Lil Coconut Hawai‘i
Photos: Courtesy of Lil Coconut Hawai‘i



t might only be May, but you’ve been feeling a little June Gloomy. Maybe it’s because Mother Nature can’t make up her mind lately if it’s rainin’ or shinin’. Or, maybe it’s the prospect of bikini season being right around the corner, when your bod’s still in winter-coat mode. Either way, you’re feeling pretty square.


Things are about to shape up, though. That’s thanks to Lil Coconut Hawai‘i’s new collection, a slew of sleek, geometric creations with a lot more to say than meets the eye. Designer Amanda Dela Cruz was feeling like her inspiration was all bent out of shape—until her wise mama swooped in with some sage advice: “That’s just life. Things always come full circle.”

Lil Coconut Hawai‘i


Each of Dela Cruz’s new pieces is an ode to that simple truth, with soulful, thoughtful themes—two interlocked hoops in the “Connected Souls” necklace, or the solitary circle of the “Journey” necklace, for instance—and cards to explain them. Dela Cruz created this new line as an understated, layerable counterpart to her hand-stamped bar necklaces and chunky rings emblazoned with “Live Aloha.” These delicate, wearable pieces are everyday essentials, both for your outfit (they’re totally versatile), and for your spirit.


With Dela Cruz’s mother a key source of inspo, and Mother’s Day sneaking up on all of us, she’s offering a sweet deal of free shipping, and a whopping 30 percent off the entire site until May 12.


A good deal, a cute look and a message that’s meaningful? Now that’s one well-rounded gift.