September 2007

“Best Lawyers” 07/07
HONOLULU Magazine’s biennial Best Lawyers list is a partnership with a national legal research firm, Woodward/White. This year’s list included our largest pool of lawyers ever, with 222 attorneys and 38 legal specialties. Lawyers are voted in by their peers, and cannot pay to be listed. Real estate lawyer Leighton Yuen served as our cover subject.

Thank you for a good laugh. The big red-letter oxymoron [Editor’s note: The word “best” was in red.] on your July cover was quite entertaining. Please convey my condolences to Mr. Yuen, who must bear the stigma of another lawyer joke.

—Denis Fletcher,
Boise, Idaho

August 2007 Issue 08/07
Our August issue carried the features “Cheap Eats,” and “Finding Beretania.” The issue also contained the story “Movin’ on Up (to Kahala).” In it, senior editor Ronna Bolante reported on the life of Dorie-Ann Kahale, who, with her five daughters, has gone from living on the beach in Nanakuli to residing in a mansion, courtesy of eccentric Japanese billionaire Genshiro Kawamoto.

I loved the new issue of HONOLULU Magazine, but wanted to wait to write until I had read the entire magazine. It’s a great issue throughout, from the article on Beretania Street, to “Cheap Eats,” to “Movin’ on Up (to Kahala)”. I’m sure a lot of people wondered about these families, who they were and how they were doing.

—Kaiulani Cowell,


“The Power of One,” 08/07
In our monthly “Making a Difference” column, associate editor Lori Anne Tomonari profiled Cecilia Blackfield, a long-standing custodian of Honolulu’s natural beauty.

We loved reading your article on Cecilia Blackfield! She is well known to our community as a crusader for beautification and preservation of our parks. We commend you for saluting her!

—The Au Family,