Let Them Eat Cheesecake

You love being the Big Cheese. Big lover of cheesecake, that is. And while you're fiercely committed to your steady, Chinatown's Otto Cake, you wouldn't mind playing the field with a few new sweets. So take a cheesecake walk on the wilder side with one of these deliciously different treats.

Lei ChicTurning Japanese
For a mouthful of sweet cream cheese flavor minus the brick-in-your-stomach after feeling, try a slice of heavenly Japanese cheesecake. Lighter and airier than the traditional take, it's made with whipped eggs and reduced sugar, making it deliciously fluffy and souffle-like.
Snag A Slice At: Satura Cakes, 55 Merchant St. and Ward Centre, 808.537.1206. Saint-Germain Bakery, Ala Moana Center, 808.955.6664. Panya Bakery, 711 Queen St., 808.597.8880. Panya Bakery, Bar & Bistro, Ala Moana Center, 808.946.6388.

Lei Chic Small Wonders
What: Some of the yummiest cheesecake treats come in the tiniest of packages. Case in point: Beard Papa's scrumptious cheesecake cream puffs—light and flaky fresh-baked pastry shells stuffed with whipped cream cheese, finished with your choice of blueberry or apple cinnamon toppings.
Grab A Bite At: Beard Papa, Ala Moana Center Foodland, 808.955.2806.
Lei ChicThe Big Chill
What: Give the shave ice a break and beat the heat with an icy cheesecake treat. From strawberry cheesecake gelato to New York cheesecake frozen yogurt and blueberry cheesecake ice cream, your ticket to cool school is right around the corner.
Order Up A Scoop At: Menchies, Ward Center, 808.592.9292. Milano Freezer, Manoa Marketplace, 808.988.7744. Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream, 1010 University Ave., 808.949.8984.

Lei ChicSugar Lush
What: Feel a little daring? Do some not-so-skinny-dipping with a rich, dense slice of frozen New York style cheesecake dunked in Ghiradelli chocolate then smothered in your choice of 18 different toppings, like candy bits, cookie crumbles and nuts.
Take A Dip At:
Swirl Candy Apple Co., Windward Mall, 808.247.5828.