Lei Chic’s Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Make him happy this holiday with these must-haves.


No, you’re not getting him a pitbull. And your 60-inch flatscreen is plenty big enough already, thank you. You won’t be taking a pole-dancing course for him and nope, he definitely won’t be allowed to go to Cambodia to fire an RPG at a water buffalo. (Yup. That’s—unfortunately—a thing.)

You’ve already vetoed most of his Christmas wishlist, but that doesn’t mean his season has to be any less than awesome. Here’s a pack of presents your guy will love—and you'll love giving.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Tap into that truth with delicious Wondermade marshmallows in his favorite flavors: bourbon and Guinness. $7.95, wondermade.com

So you can’t get him the actual Millennium Falcon or Han Solo’s effortless cowboy swag, but this cool Metal Earth Millennium Falcon puzzle is a pretty good consolation present. $13.95, Thinker Things, Kāhala Mall

Hard day at work? Key ingredient to a sweet barbecue? The answer is always beer. Keep his brew icy with this ingenious Chillsner Corksicle. $29.80 at SoHa Living, Kāhala Mall

These perfectly designed, versatile speakers from 11+ pair with Bluetooth-enabled portable devices and computers, are magnetized so they can be joined into one and are tilted to project sound outward. $95, MŌNO, 2013 S. King St.

He’s mastered bacon and can’t get enough of the grill, but The Designer’s Cookbook may just take your design-nerd guy’s foodie skills to the next—aesthetically pleasing—level. $36.95, The Spalding House Shop, Spalding House Museum, 2411 Makiki Heights Drive

His collection of hats almost rivals your collection of shoes. Almost. Feed his obsession with this cool, bird-print Fitted Hawai‘i cap. $55, Blue Hawai‘i Surf, Pearlridge Center



This sophisticated koa pen is inlaid with leather for a stunning, handcrafted look that will turn his desk into a real class act. $165, Simply Wood Studios, Royal Hawaiian Center

Designed by artists in Namibia, these effortless, masculine, brass Base Project cuffs with striking tribal designs generate income for African artisans. $125, thebaseproject.com

You can never go wrong with some fly new duds. He’ll love the modern fit and understated psychedelic pattern of this rich teal Roberta Oaks Tide Pools shirt’s. $120, robertaoaks.com

His humble smartphone becomes a private movie theater with the Luckiest of London Smart Phone projector, perfect for action flick night with your favorite techie. $28, Nordstrom, Ala Moana Center

He says no to the murse (man purse, duh), but he’ll say yes to these hip, distressed waxed canvas and leather Sunday Morning Goods totes with herringbone lining. $82, Owens & Co, 1152 Nu‘uanu Ave.

He practically lives at the beach. At least he’ll look stylish in these printed and dip-dyed, indigo-blue Quality Peoples swim shorts. $125, qualitypeoples.com