Lawson's Peek

Lei Chic Your quest to find "the one" is failing miserably. Time and time again, you ask yourself, "Are my needs being met? Am I truly satisfied?"

Then, when you think you've found perfection, a tiny part of you starts to whisper. There's got to be something better.

And so, you stray…

Just so there's no confusion, we're talking about beauty products here. And lucky for you, we found a brand new spot to troll.

Lawson Inc., Japan's second largest convenience store chain, just opened its first two Lawson Station stores in Hawaii. Inside the larger, 2,100-square-foot location at Sheraton Waikiki, nearly one and a half aisles are devoted to Japanese drugstore beauty products; and, like a hot new guy who barely speaks a word of English, it's totally fun to explore.

Lei Chic Don't worry about getting lost in translation – the left half of the display is devoted largely to cosmetics and makeup tools; the right, to skin and haircare products. Zero in on the photos and the few words you do recognize, and you'll find Pore Putty primers and concealers with oil-controlling silicone powder and light-reflecting mica; Eye Make cotton swabs with one end soaked in a gentle toner/makeup remover for quick fixes; Hadanomy collagen mist sprays to refresh and moisturize your skin; and Puresa sheet masks with rose serum and Vitamin C for quick at-home facials.

Walk around to the second aisle and you'll see a special section for men's products; although make no mistake, you can use them too. Like Gatsby facial papers, a.k.a. wipes, that cleanse and refresh dry, acne-prone skin or tired skin; oil-controlling facial washes by Naturgo, a Shiseido brand; and an entire row of hair wax to help you achieve spiky, wet and wind-blown looks (okay, that one might just be a guy thing.)

Sure, you may have already encountered some of these products at Don Quijote. But it can't hurt to flirt with them again the next time you're in Waikiki.

And since most of them cost less than $20, you'll surely pick up a great buy.

Not to be confused with a guy. That's an entirely different website.

Lawson Station is located inside Sheraton Waikiki. A second, 660-square-foot store with limited beauty selection is also open along Kalakaua Ave. at Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa.