Latitude Adjustment

Lei Chic For a while there you were really starting to question your relationship GPS – finding Mr. Right seemed like an endless series of Mr. Wrong Turns. Like that time you dead-ended with Mr. Serious-Mommy-Issues. Or those (many) times you u-turned back to your ex.

But this time your inner compass finally got it right. You’re on the road to relationship bliss and so happy you could hug the lady in your GPS (Lord knows she needs it – Ke‘eamoku is no picnic to pronounce).

Instead, celebrate your retirement from relationship gridlock with a piece of custom Latitude jewelry from local designer JB Freidman.

After 11 years of working for a Hawaiian jewelry factory, Friedman was both an expert at handcrafting Hawaiian bangles and a man itching to put his own spin on the idea.

You tell him the exact longitude and latitude of the location where you met your sweetie or of a spot with special meaning to you, and he’ll etch it into a cuff, dog tag or key tag. The pieces come in sterling silver, or 14K white or yellow gold, and Freidman can even include an engraving of a date, initials or a personal message.

It’s the best way to always be close to your happy place.

JB Freidman Designs Lattitude Collection are available online here or may be ordered over the phone by calling 808.227.4683.