Lash Out

You’re batting nearly a thousand in the beauty department lately. Your new brow shaping appointments are a real hit. And the in-home massage you’ve scheduled every month is nothing short of a grand slam.

But your bald little eyelids, with their few sparse lashes, have three strikes against them thanks to the ravages of mascara, lash curlers and the occasional glued-on strip of fakes.

Bat-worthy lashes (like home-run hitters) need a little extra juice, like a customized set of eyelash extensions from Kristin Wood.

By bonding individual fibers to your natural lashes, Wood gives www.leichic.comyou the full, thick, glossy black blinkers you’ve always wanted. Each fiber is a feathery wisp of polyester or silk. Varying in length, thickness and curl, they’re arranged along your lid to mimic your natural lashes, only amplified.

Wood recently began offering the top-of-the-line “mink” lashes, which are made from more flexible and durable fiber, and are the most natural feeling on your eyes (but they’re still synthetic and “mink” in name only).

The whole process takes two or three hours, and you’ll still be able to wear mascara and curl your lashes, if you want – but you likely won’t need to.

And your hours-long morning makeup session?
It’s a whole new ballgame.

Kristin Wood Beauty Boutique, 1016 Kapahulu Avenue, Suite 260 (in the Kilohana Square shopping center), 808.738.7386.