Large Mililani Mauka home with feng shui touches

Photos courtesy of Prudential Locations

At this writing, there are just 3,736 homes on the Oahu market, 121 of which are in Mililani and Mililani Mauka. That’s not a lot to pick from, but inventory in this area has always been a little tight. Many families who have lived here for decades are now seeing their children start families of their own, and stay in the area to keep their core of support, so the turnover isn’t as high as, say, Waikiki.

Here’s one property that is big enough for such a family—in fact, it was purchased and configured with an extended family in mind. (Click here for details.)

The 2,532-square-foot home has two living rooms, one on each level. There are three bedrooms and two full bathrooms upstairs, and a full bedroom and bath downstairs. The master bedroom has a view of the valley, and its bathroom features a separate tub and shower. (I like the glass brick walls.)

“The walk-in closet is so large, it’s almost like its own bedroom,” says seller Thomas Obungen.

The laundry room is separate, so everyone in the house could do their own without bothering each other.

Since it’s a 5,870-square-foot perimeter lot with frontage on the gulch, the fully landscaped yard seems larger than it is, but Obungen says it’s a manageable size. “There’s a fountain in front and back,” he adds. “My mom is into the feng shui thing, so it’s all over the house!

"It’s also a great barbecue house with a lanai in back, and the back yard is accented with lights,” says Obungen.

The front sitting room features double-high ceilings to let more light in, and there are designer touches throughout. Obungen explains that they don’t need air conditioning because the house gets enough air and is close to a lot of trees, which keeps it cool.

The home is open on Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. and next Wednesday 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Money talk: $943,000 fee simple
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