Language of the Birds’ Edgy, Modern Resortwear

Check out this sneak peek at the brand's 2015 collection.


Hey there, fashion freebird. We know you like to keep yourself in fine feather, season in and season out. That means steering away from birdbrained look-alike fashions. Flocking with the crowd? Not exactly your style.


Break off from the formation, because there's something hot on the horizon, and it's migrating our way. Language of the Birds, the beautiful, contemporary line of restortwear by new Hawai'i resident Tsia Carson, merges eye-catching prints in an East Coast style with loose and open cuts.


Carson, who has a background in user experience design and brand planning, made the move to branch out into fashion design just last year. While she crafted the sleek silhouettes herself, she teamed up with New York-based textile designer Gina Gregario for the remarkable prints—something she considers key to the brand. Also at the top of the pecking order for Carson? Ethical production. All pieces are cut and sewn in New York, while the fabrics are printed and hand-silk-screened in Rhode Island. Nary a sweatshop in sight—now that’s something to crow about.


The 2014 collection is currently available online and at the La Muse boutique downtown, but we got a rare sighting of the 2015 collection (slated to be released in March or April) here. You’ll want to take flight with the orange firecracker-patterned dress with delicately pleated back details, or the breezy open-back top in rustic, village-inspired print. And with that unique blend of urban edge and tropical soul, you’ll be able to hit a new style high, no matter where you soar.


Now that’s pretty fly.


Current collection available at and La Muse, 1156 Nu‘uanu Ave. Look for the new collection in spring.