Lady and the Stamp
The faded hand stamp from last night is the key to remembering where you were for last call. The stamp-filled pages of your passport tell the tales of your worldly adventures. And the canceled stamp on the Mother's Day card you're mailing today lets mom know you didn't do it last minute.

 Your stamp collection says a lot about where you've been and where you're going.

That's why a few pieces from the Maui-based Vega jewelry line are worth adding to your stash. Designer Victoria Kray hand-stamps playful little pieces of recycled brass and copper then threads them onto silver ball-chain necklaces and delicate silk threads.

The charming trinkets come in a variety of shapes from geometric discs triangles and slim dog tag style strips to whimsical silhouettes of lips and eyes. Nearly all come hand-tooled with feather-like etchings or dainty divots and adorned with mini-chain fringes.

Kray can even custom create pieces engraved with your favorite mantra or quote.

So you can put you own personal stamp on yours.

Vega jewelry is available online at