Kyle Reutner's top ten drinks to try now

Kyle Reutner and two of his favorite drinks: coffee from Morning Glass and pineapple ice from Hank's Haute Dogs.

Barman Kyle Reutner needs no introduction, but here’s one, anyway. For more than ten years, he’s tended bar at places such as Thirtyninehotel, Town, Apartm3nt, Murphy’s, Hotel Renew, Nextdoor, and, most recently, Pint and Jigger. Now, he’s building the bar at The Pig and the Lady’s brick-and-mortar spot in Chinatown when it opens this fall. He also cofounded the Hawaii Bitters Company, and pop up bar service Imbibe Hawaii. Basically, Reutner Ubiquity might be a thing now.

Needless to say, the guy’s had a few beverages. Here’s his list of the ten best gulps to take in this town, and no, not all of them are alcoholic.

“This list is by no means a Best of the Best liquids to imbibe,” he says. “Otherwise, we'd have ten great wines on a list that none of us could afford.” Instead, he says, it's a collection of the ten drinks he would advise “EVERYONE to go try—right now.”

10) Irish coffee at Murphy's Bar & Grill

“You've heard of the famous Buena Vista Irish coffee (in San Francisco). Think that, but without the flight, and with impeccable barmen and better Irish whiskey. For $6, it's near impossible to beat.”
2 Merchant St.,, 531-0422

9) Fernet Branca and a cold domestic lager at 9th Avenue Rockhouse

“More often than not, drinking is about the people with you. At 9th, you're always home. It's somewhere between a dive bar and a karaoke lounge. If you figure out what it is, let me know.”
$10 beer and a shot, 3435 Waialae Ave.,, 738-5524

8) Even Keel 1/2 IPA at Real A Gastropub

“Real is a great beer bar, and I love this sessionable option. Instead of doubling the hops like most West Coast brewers, San Diego’s Ballast Point cut down the bitter and made a half IPA. Very great beer. Have three.”
$6, 1020 Auahi St.,, 596-2526

7) Murai Family daiginjo at Lucky Belly

“Lucky Belly has the best curated liquids list in the city, period. Try this great sake on your next trip downtown. It's perfect.”
$17, 50 N. Hotel St.,, 531-1888

6) Pineapple ice at Hanks Haute Dogs

“Not everything delicious has to have booze in it. Try this perfectly balanced pineapple slushy; what more could you want in muggy Kakaako?”
$2.62, 342 Coral St.,, 532-4265

5) Templeton Rye old fashioned at Salt

“Spirit, sugar, water, bitters. Sometimes, that’s all it takes, and this is no small feat. The folks at Salt Bar and Kitchen make a very smooth and quaffable old fashioned. They're doing a great job up there in Kaimuki.”
$10, 3605 Waialae Ave.,, 744-7567

4) The Lazy Lover at Manifest

“Manifest co-owners Justin Park and Brandon Reid have one of the coolest places in Honolulu. Park's drinks are among the city's best (maybe at the very top). This cocktail features jalapeño infused Chartreuse. So damn cool.”
$10, 32 N. Hotel St.,

3) Local Espresso at Beachbum

“Great local roast and the perfect pour from all of the staff. Skip Starbucks while downtown and try out this little caffeine dealership. They keep it local, offering a good range of Hawaii beans; you should, too.”
$3.25, 1088 Bishop St. #101,, 521-6699

2) The Tap Negroni and Pint + Jigger

"You know I have to throw in some love for Pint and Jigger, and whereas I like a great Negroni (a bittersweet Italian aperitif), I love my drinks fast. These ideals can conflict, but at Pint and Jigger they have their negronis kegged for fast service and perfect proportions. Served over a large ice sphere, it is perfect for sipping."
$10 regular, 1936 King St.,, 744-9593

1) Sight Glass drip coffee from Morning Glass

“It's probably blasphemous that my top spot doesn't go to an alcoholic beverage, but the Morning Glass locations in Manoa and inside R&D in Kakaako deserve top billing for carrying the best coffee on the island. And yep, tip your barista.”
$2.75, 2955 E. Manoa Rd. and 691 Auahi St.,