Knotty But Nice

www.leichic.com8 a.m.: Freezing in your cube thanks to over-cranked air-conditioning
9 a.m.: Briefly consider actually buying (and possibly wearing) a Snuggie.
7 p.m.: Dig through drawers and closets for a cute cardigan – anything – to take in case the evening gets chilly.
8 p.m.: Meet friends for dinner, shiver when the cool mauka breeze hits your bare shoulders; re-consider Snuggie.

Instead, wrap yourself up in a cozy, the cardigan-style sweater with extra-long front panels. You can wear it around your neck as www.leichic.coma scarf, or draped, tied and gathered in more than a dozen different ways. Which means you’ll rarely leave home without it.

Here are two ways to wear the super-versatile wrap.

1. Side Tie — Tuck one panel underneath the other, then wrap around your body to tie a loose knot at hip level.

2. Front V-Knot — Wrap both panels around each other twice to create a front twist, then tie panels together in back behind neck.

Watch a video with more examples here.

We are so knot amused.

Cozy-style cardigans are widely available and can be found at numerous stores including The Wedding Café, 808.591.1005; Neiman Marcus, 808.951.8887 and DKNY Ala Moana Center, 808.955.7779.