Kiss Your Glass Goodbye

You’d love to pair your beach time with your favorite wine. But easily-breakable glass bottles are always a major buzz kill.

Say cheers to the newest wave of wine packaging to hit our Islands’ shores. From re-sealable cardboard boxes to easy-to-chill aluminum bottles, these lightweight, shatterproof containers are sure to put you in the best of spirits.

Lei Chic Think Wines
The Buzz: These eco-conscious wines are harvested using fair trade production from organic vines in Portugal. The Think Pink Rosé offers a vibrant blend of strawberries and cherries while the Think White is fresh with notes of citrus and stone fruits.
The Container:
Lightweight recyclable aluminum bottles that chill five times faster than glass and protect against harsh sunlight, which can make wine taste "skunked".
Buy It At: Whole Foods Kahala, 4211 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, 808.738.0820.

Lei ChicBlack Box Wines
The Buzz: This award-winning California series has garnered a ton of respect for its nuanced flavors and premium-quality. Its delicious range includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and an ultra-popular Merlot which boasts a rich palate of plum, black cherries and smooth, smoky vanilla oak notes.
The Container: A 3-liter bag packed in a cardboard box with re-closeable cap.
Buy It At: Tamura’s Fine Wine and Liquors, 3496 Waialae Ave., Honolulu. 808.735.7100.

Lei Chic Bandit
The Buzz: This tasty line includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and an oh-so-refreshing Pinot Grigio that’s light and crisp with a balanced sweet and tart flavors.
The Container: Innovative, recyclable 1-liter Tetra Paks with re-closeable caps.
Buy It At: Tamura’s Fine Wine and Liquors.

Lei Chic

Mommessin Wine
The Buzz:
This French-made Beaujolais red is light-bodied, fruity and easy to drink.
The Container: A chic little recyclable aluminum bottle complete with a temperature-activated color dot on the label that tells you when the wine is perfectly chilled.
Buy It At: Swam Wine, 98-1277 Kaahumanu St., Aiea. 808.487.7926.

Lei Chic
Fish Eye Wines

The Buzz: This enjoyable California wine line includes a crisp, clean Pinot Grigio and a soft, berry-rich Shiraz.
The Container: A 3-liter collapsible bag tucked into a handy cardboard box with a re-closeable cap that keeps the wine fresh for up to six weeks.
Buy It At: Various Safeway Supermarkets.