Kira Hawai‘i’s Calming New Mini Collection

These pieces are peace-inspired.


Talk about falling behind: Usain Bolt is posing for pics mid-run, while still finishing first, and you’re having trouble just getting through the daily rat race called life. Work’s going strong, your house is a mess and isn’t it (insert name of everyone you know)’s birthday soon?


Take a timeout and find your balance—starting with your jewelry box. Hey, some people get their Zen on with a yoga class, but we have a slightly more stylish solution, namely the Shanti set from Kira Hawai‘i. Designer Sheri Kira was feeling her own world start to tilt and these sleek, modern accessories are the chic result of her peace-seeking efforts. If it can work for a gal who’s balancing a boutique, jewelry line, clothing line and family, it’s worth a try. And, the fact that it’s a go-with-everything study in elegance doesn’t hurt, either.


The brand-spanking-new release looks to satisfyingly straightforward, symmetrical design. With the Shanti ring, a single equilateral triangle anchors the piece, bordered by evenly spaced gems and a triple-ring base that is both unique and universally complimentary. The tough part is picking a shade: It comes in rose gold, gold, silver-shaded rhodium and gunmetal-esque ruthenium. The Shanti necklace is a softer take, with a languid 30 inches of sterling silver or gold-fill chain that can be double-wrapped or hang long, and comes with opal, labradorite or moonstone gems.


We think we just found our peace.


$79–$89, Kira Hawai‘i, 95-1249 Mehe‘ula Parkway, Mililani.