Keys of Mind

Lei ChicSafari Leader: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the urban jungle.

Today we are searching for one of the city’s most common but elusive creatures – The Homeo and Cars Keyus. These metal critters usually travel in packs, often in a ring formation, and are known for their jagged teeth, jangling noise, and their ability to disappear without warning.

Many natives spend hours every day tracking down the cagey Keyus, fishing into seemingly bottomless hobo bags or hunting through the wild clutter of city homes.

The key to snaring and keeping these critters is the right gear.

Lei Chic Option 1: Hook it with the Cle A Porter
Created by Oahu-native Linda Nagamine, the leash is amazingly simple to use. Clip the keys to the spring-loaded clasp, loop the leather around your purse strap and drop the Cle A Porter inside. When you’re ready, just reel it back in. You can also slide it over your wrist or through your belt loop on nights when you want to toss your tote.

The Cle A Porter is $14 and is available online or at select Cinnamon Girl stores.

Lei Chic Option 2: Trail it with the Cobra Tag
The high-tech finder uses Bluetooth technology to keeps keys from getting too far. Attach the Tag to the key ring, download the app to your phone and it will alert you if the two get separated. If you miss the call, the Tag can text, e-mail, facebook, or twitter you the exact GPS position and time of day that it happened. If your phone disappears into the dialed blue yonder, hit the Tag's find button to set off your ring.

The suggested retail price of the Cobra Tag is $59.99. It will be available August 15 on its online store and