Keiki Craft: Friendship Book

A fun book for you and your friends to write messages to one another

Friendship Book


• Two 4¼-inch-by-21/8-inch tags (#30005438)

• Five to seven pieces of 2-inch-by-4-inch cardstock for pages

• Four 4½-inch-by-2¼-inch printed papers for covers

• ¼-inch hole punch

• One 8-inch colored wire for ring

• Three inches of ribbon

• Double-sided tape or glue

• Scissors

Optional: Decorative brads (fasteners or split pins)

Friendship Book


1. Friendship book front and back covers: Tape the printed papers to both sides of the tags. Trim off the excess around the edges. Repunch the holes in the tags.

2. Friendship book pages: Align each 2-inch-by-4-inch cardstock to the angled edge of one tag. Punch the hole in the cardstock to match the tag. Trim off the corners of the cardstock to match the tag.

3. Place the cardstock pages between the two tag covers. Feed the wire through all of the holes and twist the wire ends together to form a ring. Make sure that the wire ring is large enough to allow the pages to turn easily.

4. Tie a ribbon through the hole of the front cover. Decorate the front/back cover and pages as you wish. Optional: Place a brad through the hole of the front cover for decoration.

5. Have your family and friends sign and write messages on the inside pages of your book.