Keeping Up With the Boneses

Lei Chic Code Orange. The marching orders are in and you have just two weeks to prepare for the big day.

The Mission: To go deep undercover in the crowds October 31.
The Challenge: A skeletal staff and bare bones budget.
Assisting you: a team of experts from Bella Torre Academy who put their heads together for a do-it-yourself cosmetic costume that can be done in no dime.

So stop skull-king and get cracking.

You will need: Black, white, green, and brown cream makeup found in any drug store. Translucent powder. Disposable makeup sponges.

Lei Chic

1 – Paint half your face white. Set with translucent powder.

Lei Chic

2 – Apply black cream around the eye socket and over the brow bone to create a hollow effect.

Lei Chic

3 – Outline the nose and cheek area and fill in with black. Use green and brown to trace lines on the forehead, the side of your nose, and chin area for an aged effect.

Lei Chic

4 – To create teeth outline your mouth up the side of your cheek with black. Use white to create the teeth but make sure to then draw in between them with black for separation.

Red colored contacts add a dramatic effect.

To remove: Bella Torre’s Kecia Littman suggests Epielle makeup wipes found at Longs for $1.99. For waterproof makeup removal, Littman suggests the Dermalogica’s precleanse or Maybelline Expert Eyes makeup remover.

The Bella Torre Academy is available for custom Halloween costume cosmetics. Call 808.484.4871 or e-mail for rates.