Keep Your Eye on the Pies

Lei ChicYou’re a girl of many flavors.

Sometimes you’re flaky.
Sometimes you get a little tart.
Sometimes you’re downright crusty, especially when your cookies start crumbling.

And pretty much every day you’re short on dough. So you’re always searching for a cheap way to sweeten the meal.

Take a bake with a business that’s more than hit or miss – it’s hit or Bliss.

Bliss Bakery is the work of Kathy Masunaga who comes from a long line of bakers and pastry chefs. She started making her delish desserts for family and friends, and soon her decadent brownies with mint or Kahlua frosting got the attention of guests at glam photographer Russell Tanoue's bashes and the cast of Hawaii Five-O. Now she’s turned her hobby into a full-blown business.

Lei Chic Like you, Masunaga’s treats are both sugar and spice. Dish about the chicken pot pie featuring tasty chunks of chicken, carrots, and peas surrounded by a crispy crust or a light quiche with the punch of asparagus and bacon. When you’re done, top it off with Bliss’s smores with homemade graham crackers and Masunaga’s homemade marshmallows, a mini peach, apple, or other seasonal fruit pies, a fruit tart with homemade pastry cream, or mini cupcakes.

Masunaga brings her own portable, industrial-sized toaster oven so you can get your pies piping hot. Everything sold at her weekly stall at the farmers market goes for just $5.
Lei Chic
So when the going gets tough you can easily roll with the lunches.

Bliss Bakery is at St. Clements Farmers’ Market every Thursday, 4:30 – 7:30 at 1515 Wilder Ave. near Makiki District Park. See more of Masunaga's specialties on her website. For her weekly specials or to order for special events, call 808.282.0234.