Keep Diamond Head Close to Your Heart With This Elegant Sterling Silver Necklace

Green Tea Leaves Jewelry’s industrial ode to an O‘ahu landmark.
Green Tea Leaves Jewelry’s industrial ode to an O‘ahu landmark.
Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Lee


We can get pretty particular about our morning cuppa tea. We definitely like it sweet, but don’t even think about passing us the sugar cubes. We’re not into drinking it black, but we also couldn’t care less about cream. If you’re puzzled, it’s because you’re peeking into the wrong pot: The thirst we’re looking to quench is a thirst for style, and the variety ain’t your go-to Earl Grey. We’re talking about Green Tea Leaves, a local jewelry brand that specializes in simple, elegant jewelry with clean lines and sleek silhouettes.


Owner Tiffany Lee’s silver jewelry creations have charmed us in the past with their industrial appeal and sleek, wear-with-everything lines, and her newest launches have only made us thirsty for more. It’s the same handmade detail from her previous work (which Lee achieves by meticulously hand-shaping and hammering each intriguingly imperfect piece by hand) with a new twist on the simple geometric designs that really make her minimal gems sing. Think stunning, dagger-shaped silhouettes inspired by a recent frustrating bout of illness that left Lee feeling sharp-edged, and a group of pieces made to imitate shapes found in traditional Indonesian architecture after Lee’s trip to the region.


Her new bauble that’s got us really buzzed, though? The Landform pendant, an elegant sterling silver structure that forms the outline of Diamond Head crater, so you can keep this lovely land formation close to your heart at all times. Lee whipped up this baby for an Art + Flea presence at a Made in Hawai‘i festival in Japan earlier this month, but she’ll be bringing it in for Islanders to snap up at this Saturday’s Best of Honolulu Festival. In fact, you’ll be able to ogle all of Lee’s pieces at her booth in the Art + Flea marketplace, which will be brimming with enough local jewelry, apparel and beauty brands to make this weekend a shopping success.


We have a feeling you’ll find something that will fit you to a tea.


$10–$40, available at the Green Tea Leaves booth at the Best of Honolulu Festival. The free, first-ever Best of Honolulu Festival is happening this Saturday, July 16, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Honolulu Hale Civic Grounds. Also available at Mori by Art + Flea.