Karma Wall-meleon

www.leichic.com So you like to reinvent your style. Big deal. It’s not like you’re a commitment-phobe or anything. As if. You totally committed to those attention-getting Noelani Designs shell earrings, and every night you’re married to one side of the reversible Kiri Cover on your bed. And hello, it’s a woman’s right to change her mind, isn’t it?

Yes ­– and apparently it’s a man’s wish, too. Because when James Partch of One Up Wall Graphics wanted a distinctive decoration winding up his staircase wall, he didn’t desire the accompanying permanence (or hard work) of paint or wallpaper. So a year ago he and his wife developed easily removable décor elements made from thin, self-adhesive vinyl, which can be applied to

www.leichic.comany smooth surface, inside or outdoors, in under an hour.To create their sophisticated graphics, the Partchs use colors and motifs inspired by nature and simply what’s hot, like popular chimpanzee and koi designs, a birds-in-flight scene and even Hawai‘i-like palm fronds. Full-size or mini versions can be used virtually anywhere, from rented walls to owned floors, kitchen tiles to bedroom mirrors, so like an art curator you’ll simply have to decide what to display where – and when.

Because keeping people guessing isn’t just your prerogative – it’s half the fun.

Available at Nest, 4270-A Kilauea Road , in Kilauea , Kaua‘i, and


online at www.oneupdesigns.etsy.com