Kao Pao Shu bags arrive at Riches Kahala

Have a Kao

Kao Pao Shu bags

Mom is (almost) always right. You just don't always listen.

Eat your vegetables. Stop picking or it won't heal. Wear your seatbelt. Actually, following that last one is easy thanks to Kao Pao Shu's unique, handmade bags just into Riches Kahala.

Technically, these beauties aren't made of actual seatbelts, though their linings – rows of thick, black nylon webbing – look just as tough. Helmed by Sarajevo-born, Santa Monica-based designer Naida Begeta, this avant-garde line features layers upon layers of organza and ribbon intricately pleated and stitched to create textured stripes in shimmery, attention-grabbing shades.

Forget about playing it safe. When it comes to style, these bags break all the rules with whimsical grooves, folds, and angles creating unusual, sculpted shapes that hug the body in a surprisingly flattering way. Bonus: their asymmetrical interiors allow you to slip in even more essentials (after all, those bulges are supposed to be there.)

Since cutting edge can also be classy – we love how Jane Seymour styled it at the Kentucky Derby earlier this month – we suggest you follow Mom's lead here. It could help you avoid a ticket from the fashion police.

Though we can't say the same for the actual police.

$173-$265, available at Riches Kahala, Kahala Mall. For more information on Kao Pao Shu, click here. Photos courtesy of Kao Pao Shu.