Just Hanging Around

Lei ChicThe “soothing” blue paint that dried to a fluorescent finish left you with a chip on your shoulder.

The $20 “designer” lamp that shorted out the entire living room really fired you up.

But you knew you were in a real jamb when your dream sofa didn’t fit through the door.

The writing is on the wall – this home redecoration project is not going well.

At least one thing is perfect down to the letter: Your custom wall art from SoHa Living.

You start literally with a blank slate or a blank piece of wood. Then choose your colors, font, and the message you don’t want bottled up anymore and a local artist will finish off your creation.

Lei Chic Picture this – Your favorite family photo recreated in a vintage relief or an adorable hand-painted moon bearing your baby’s name on soft blue or pink. Perhaps you’ll spell out your favorite surf spots or give the brush off (in a good way) to guests with a warm welcome greeting.

Whether you go big (maximum size is four feet by eight feet) or start small the price is about $21 a square foot. Most orders will be finished in 10 days or less.

So will your new interior design raise the roof with style?

All signs point to yes.

Custom signs are available at SoHa Living, Kahala Mall and will be available for online ordering starting September 1. Call 808.591.7777 for more information.