Just for Licks

Lei ChicIn the game of nightlife you are the MVPP – Most Valuable Party Planner.

When it comes to big bashes you always hit a home run. And you pride yourself on always being first on deck with the coolest new trends. But now, so many people have started stealing your ideas that it’s getting more difficult to bring something fresh to the plate.

Stick it to the competition with a new treat that really pops – hand-pulled lollipops by Candy Art Hawaii.

Lei Chic University of Hawaii graduate Nathan Tanaka became intrigued by the ancient candy artistry known as amezaiku while living in Japan. Soon the civil engineer and his wife Chika were among the few in the world trained to pinch, stretch, and clip pliable sugar into adorable animals, beautiful flowers and more.

The sweets come with quite a show. Candy Art Hawaii will set up a station at your event so guests can choose a lollipop and watch it come to life in just a few minutes. You’ll be a sucker for the playful octopus, flip for the diving goldfish, and marvel over the slice of life captured in a blueberry pie.

Lei Chic The lollipops can also be ordered as tasty wedding or party favors. Choose from an ever-growing list of about 30 looks or Nathan and Chika can create a custom design just for your event.

So you can prove you’re the one with real pull when it comes to finding the hottest desserts.

Turns out victory truly is sweet.

Candy Art Hawaii’s packages start at $225 for a minimum two-hour engagement and can include balloon art. See the artists at work at Shirokiya's new Meika plaza next Mon. through Fri. from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Click here for a video demonstration or for more information from Candy Art Hawaii’s website.