Jun Jo and El Señor Team Up for A Rad Surf-Inspired Jewelry Collab

Go rush ’em, go.
Jun Jo
Photos: Mel Jeong


If you’re a fan of Hawai‘i fashion or surf culture, chances are that you’ve heard of Jun Jo. As a co-founder of the mega-popular local label In4mation and an award-winning pro surfer, the designer-creative has made his mark in both worlds.


In fact, his company JUNXJO is often a vehicle for fresh collaborations that bring the two together, producing everything from stylish surfboards sold through Saturdays NYC to a signature shoe for skate brand Etnies.


This month we can’t wait to get our hands on Jo’s latest release, created with another big name in the skateboarding world—Spencer Fujimoto, owner-designer of New York jewelry label El Señor, known for its edgy street-inspired styles.


Jun Jo Surf Fin Pendant


In sterling silver, the duo’s unisex Surf Fin Necklace features a sleek surfboard fin pendant strung on a sterling silver box chain, designed in celebration of the love of surfing.

  Surf Fin


The minimal design nods to Jo’s affinity for surfing’s elemental, pared-down nature. “I just like the freedom,” he says. “I like going out there and feeling that connection to nature, feeling the vibrations of the ocean. It’s rhythmic. It’s a pure feeling.”

  Jun Jo Family

Jun Jo and his son.
Photo: Courtesy of Jun Jo


After all, just as fins help guide a board through the water, surfing has steered much of Jo’s life. “By the time I was 17 I was surfing professionally, which led to traveling the world, meeting people and being exposed to fashion,” he says. “Then I met Ryan [Arakaki], Todd [Shimabuku] and Keith [Kanagusuku] and we started In4mation. Surfing has brought me everything in my life. So now it’s cool to bring my surf roots into my fashion.”


JUNXJO x El Senor Surf Fin Pendant, $98. Available at junxjo.com, elsenornewyork.com, and in-store at Owens & Co., 1152 Nu‘uanu Ave., (808) 531-4300, and Salvage Public, Ward Village, (808) 589-0500.