July 2013: Table of Contents

On the cover: Looking to sell or buy a house? Check out our Homebuyers Guide.


Fading Tradition

This summer, Japanese temples across the Islands are lit with lanterns and abuzz with bon dancers. But the sad fact is these temples are otherwise in trouble. Memberships have dwindled: the most active participants are the elderly, who are trying to keep the temples open and the traditions alive. Is Hawai‘i about to lose something unique?

Best Bars: The Outdoor Edition

What could be finer than fresh air and a view with your pau hana drinks? These 12 bars stand out from the rest, and remind us—lucky we live Hawaii.

Real Estate: Playing the Home Game

What you need to know to get in, get out, or sit tight in the latest local real estate spike.

The 2013 Homebuyers’ Guide

For the first time ever, we present a guide to the top agents and brokers in real estate. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, refinance or insure a home, this is a great place to find expert help; the professionals listed here are at the top of their field.


A classic HONOLULU cover, recreated

Reasons to get out and go in July

Trains of Woe

Real Estate Buzz

Startup Paradise

Banking on Hawaiian

Fleeting Kakaako

Endangered Places: Call for Nominations

Field Notes: The Crater Experience


Home accessories by Hood, a spotlight on new boutique Mono, hidden gems jewelry and more.

Ono: Food & Dining

Kakaako has a wealth of dining options (not all of them hipster). Plus, frosty treats for summer and a tiny coffee shop hidden in a bank.

From Our Files

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Editor’s Page: Dependence Day

The IRS and NSA scandals reached even Hawaii. But why worry when the IRS asks for a list of everyone who ever attended your events?

Afterthoughts: No Fly Zone

I used to like doves. Then I found out they can’t take a hint.


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