Johnny Depp Tries Out Honolulu's Nightlife

The Pirates drank our rum and ate our pizza, but left our women.

Image STILL Courtesy: Pirates of the Caribbean

The last few months have been fun with the Pirates of the Caribbean’s pirates and producers showing up around town at our bars and lounges. But, now that they have wrapped filming in Hawaii last Friday, it’s sad to say that we will not be seeing Johnny Depp, or Jerry Bruckheimer anymore.

Apartment3 seems to have been Johnny Depp’s favorite nightspot, racking up three visits. And, why wouldn’t it be? With private booths and dark interior lighting, Johnny could be right around the corner and no one would know it. “He always had security,” tells Flash Hansen, Apartment3’s co-owner. There were always five to ten other people with him. “He brought his own very expensive bottles of wine. And, he liked the pizza, but he’s allergic to bell peppers.”

A bigger surprise for me was that Depp actually made an appearance at Pearl Ultralounge at Ala Moana Center, a less inconspicuous location. “He visited on a regular Saturday night, by chance. He stayed for a couple of hours and was drinking our Pearl Mai Tai’s,” said Pearl’s Cydney Chu.

Although I didn’t get to run into the pirates before they left, I do think I’ll stop by Apartment3 anyways for one of its pizzas, and I’m starting to feel a hankering for one of Pearl’s rum-filled mai tais—if the pirates didn’t drink all the rum.

"Why is the rum gone?" A Pirates of the Caribbean re-mix—courtesy of YouTube.