Jewel Intentions

Jewelry can be a lot like jeans, or slippers: you wear your favorites nearly every day, with everything. You can’t help it. Your Noelani necklace goes perfectly with both T-shirts and dresses, and you find few occasions when those silver Catherine Weitzman hoops aren’t just right.

But you could use some new pieces in your rotation. The semi-precious gems adorning the Zsuzsa B line of bracelets, earrings and necklaces will add delicate sparkle to anything you put on.

Kailua designer Zsuzsa Bakonyi-Rodgers makes each piece by www.leichic.comhand, with painstaking detail. Her signature piece, a cuff bracelet with floating stones, is an intricate weaving of wire and gems that takes eight hours to produce. Bakonyi-Rodgers often designs on the fly, without sketches, which makes her collection full of ethereal and feminine works of art that take shape as she makes them.

She’s created pendant necklaces of swirling silver and freshwater pearls, hoop earrings crusted with tiny dangling gems, and garland necklaces with splays of tiny emeralds, garnets and topaz.

Just the kind of jewel and unusual treatment your jewelry box needs.

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