Jason Dow’s New Jali Collection

These luxe pretties are worth the pretty penny you’ll fork over for them.


Selamat pagi, my good friend! Perfect timing. We have only just docked our galleon, and it is laden with treasures from our company’s travels. Normally, our trips to trade in the Far East reap the most tantalizing teas, delicate silks and scent-sual spices (plus, we'll admit, a cool martial arts flick or two), but this time we’ve brought back something even more alluring: Jason Dow’s latest collection, Jali.


We only pick the finest wares, so don’t expect anything short of luxurious in this set of beauties. Dow used 18-karat gold, platinum, diamonds and top-quality gemstones to create these splurge-worthy rings, earrings and pendants. He drew his inspiration from the intricately carved geometric patterns of jali screens, found in the architecture of emperors and kings across Southeast Asia, and translated them into precious metals and gems. Talk about fit for royalty.


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For rings, think thick, gold bands with geometric cutouts, lined with black or white diamonds. Diamond stud or drop earrings (which come in yellow, rose or white gold) playfully use shape and negative space to imitate complex light patterns that filter through jali screen carvings. The real crown jewel? The deluxe Jali pendant, which features a whole palette of multicolored diamonds, from champagne to pink to white.


Now you know why we say, “business is beautiful.”


Pieces range from $900–$18,000, jasondow.com.