Jana Lam + Wrappily's Adorable Gift Wrap Collab

These perfect prints are criminally cute.


Detective. So glad you could join us. We’re sure you’ve heard about this week’s case of the filched books, in which rare manuscripts that disappeared from the New York Public Library surfaced again in a private residence—and the ownership is now up for debate. In light of this scandal, here’s your assignment: Launch a thorough investigation into all rare printables and keep a good private eye on them. After all, these valuables should be kept close to our chest.


Case in point: The new, first-ever collab between iconic, local clutch designer Jana Lam and sustainable wrapping-paper purveyor Sara Smith of Wrappily. The two ladies rendezvoused after Smith fell in love with Lam’s fun prints and realized they’d make perfectly arresting gift-wrap patterns. Making it happen certainly took some due process, as Smith had to convert Lam’s hand-drawn images into digital files and then try to recreate the perfectly punchy colors when printing. The result, though, is a set of paper styles that is seriously cool and unusually fun.


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You’ll want to take a close look at this lineup of designs, all of which are sure to add a cheerful, tropical twist to any present. Think rich, deep shades of orchid and cerulean sand dollars, vibrant burnt-orange hibiscus or pineapples plastered in deep teal and neon yellow. In other words, gorgeous gift wrap worth stealing, so stay on your toes. And here’s a clue: With Mother’s Day coming up, we’ll have more than enough suspects trying to kidnap these criminally cute goods for their gifts.


File it under: crime of passion.


$5 for two 21.5-by-34-inch sheets, Owens & Co., 1152 Nu‘uanu Ave., 531-4300, and at wrappily.com.