It Suits You

Supermodels. Wince-worthy waxes. And super-skimpy bikinis.

Brazilian trends sure have made swimsuit season more painful.

Which is why neighboring Peru gets the real thanks. That’s where North Shore swimwear designer Diana Delgado hails from, and her new line of bikinis is inspired by her childhood there. 

The collection has a huge range of prints and patterns. Seeking out unique fabrics is Delgado’s specialty – her family runs a fabric store back in South America – and she personally travels the globe to find the material used for her suits.

The fabrics themselves often lead to special designs just to make the most of a pattern, and many of her bikinis are one-of-a-kind. They’re the ones she’s hand-printed with a unique graphic or made with a fabric swatch that’s only enough for one suit.

Delgado’s collection has 17 styles, all in what she calls a “modified Brazilian” cut, with pattern and sizing adjustments for American figures. So they’ll fit even if you’re not Giselle.

Bikini shopping doesn’t have to be all pain, no gain.
And this Peru-ves it.

Diana Delgado swimwear is available at The Butik and Wave Riding Vehicles. For more info, email