IT Girl 
That sleeveless top and pencil skirt you’re wearing today? Sure it works together, technically. But you get no points for style.

For that, turn to Deena White, the Honolulu girl who just debuted her new Umee clothing line this month.

A state IT systems manager by day, White faced wardrobe issues common to nearly everyone she knew, but that still seemed unsolvable.

What to pack for a weeklong business trip to the mainland that will take you from client meetings to conference seminars to networking cocktail parties? What to wear to a formal wedding held in someone’s informal back yard?

So White wrote a new dress code and came up with the answers − eight simple pieces that work together and need minimal accessorizing.

A side-tie sarong skirt that’s structured enough for the office, a fluttery silk blouse with a pearl closure in back, and a shift dress with a unique pleated ruffle neckline are just a few of the ways White interpreted traditional Hawaiian elements into her completely modern and wearable designs.

Even adding just one piece to your closet will update your wardrobe operating system and have it running much faster.

Come on, get with the program.

Umee is available at tonight’s Night Market at Aloha Tower from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. View the whole collection at